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The 31st District is my home. I want to make it better for us all.

Meet Kurt

I grew up in La Verne and I am a son to first generation immigrants who are a scientist and pharmacist. After graduating from Bonita High School, I moved to the United Kingdom where I attended the University of St Andrews focusing on international security and counter-terrorism. Then, I furthered my legal education at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford and focused on cybersecurity and cybercrime. 


The San Gabriel Valley has always been my home. After my time in the UK, I moved back, took a risk and founded my own biotech company focused on precision medicine and genetics. For over a decade, I help doctors create better clinical outcomes for patients. Apart from work, I regularly engage with universities to bolster research efforts and present at symposiums to lobby for certain issues. I work with organizations to provide insight and shape policy ranging from genetic data protection, dealing with the opioid crisis and improving diagnostic tests for patients. 


My roots may stem from La Verne, but I have a diverse experience in working with communities out-of-state and overseas from development projects geared towards removing pollutants in waterways, expanding access to cancer screening and creating entrepreneurial training programs in rural communities. My approach is always community first. I want to be your advocate and fight for quality healthcare, local economic development, and education reform. This is my home, I want to make it better for us all. 

Kurt Jose and his grandfather at his Oxford graduation ceremony. I dedicate this to one of the happiest birthdays and moment


One of the most influential people in my is my Grandfather. He dedicated his life to public service and his family. He taught me to walk and instilled integrity and to be principled.

I will miss him being by my side for the triumphant moments in life, but I will always remember his words to me. 

Losing him in 2022, showed me the difficulties in my community, but it also gave me the will power to continue and honor his legacy by not holding back and pushing forward. 

Why I am running? 

During the pandemic, I saw firsthand how politics taking precedence over people’s lives and welfare. Instead of solutions to help our communities, lives were lost, businesses closed, and many people lost their jobs or became homeless. 


I uncovered the gaping holes in the fabric of our communities. With growing divisiveness taking national stage and lack of leadership. I knew it was time to step out and help. 


I worked with public and private organizations around Los Angeles County, and in states such as Illinois and Wisconsin to help in various communities. From community outreach, creating safety plans, and just being present. I am proud to say we helped save lives, provide direction, and just lent a hand for those in need. 

I bring this sprit with me to Congress, and I hope to stand with me, as we end the gridlock. I will bring compromise, but not sacrificing principles and I will bring firm negotiation and tangible solutions to DC. Change is now and not for the next election. I want to create a solid foundation, we can build a bright future for years to come.


2021-09-04 00.39_edited-2.jpg

Listening • Solving • Leading

No matter which arena, I am a problem solver at my core. In order to solve the complex issues you must have a diverse view, be reflexive and learn from those community leaders on how to tackle pressing issues we may have.

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