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Local Economic Development 

Local economic development deals with workforce issues, immigration

My priority is illuminating our communities - bring more investment and jobs in the community, attract more visitors and residents to our cities by making it safe and affordable.

Investing in American Resilience

  • Expand Small Business Administration (SBA) programs to help small business owners. Grants and outreach programs will give startups or established businesses the tools to succeed. 

  • I will fund for more job training or vocational programs to effectively train, certify, and develop individuals and find stable employment no matter what economy we are in.

  • I will focus on immigration reform via fast track worker’s visa applications for migrants who are skilled workers and help fill immediate shortages especially for specialists or support in various businesses.

  • I will fight to retain businesses, create new businesses, and focus on job creation through industries in the green economy and healthcare to promote job creation.

Kurt Jose for Congress, CA-31

Stand with Kurt

Local economic development deals with workforce issues, immigration

Let's work together to shape an educational system that truly serves the needs of our community.

I invite you to share your insights by filling out the community input form below. Your input is crucial in building a brighter educational future for all of us.

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